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Aeronautic industry

Individual solution for a productive workflow

The Expert cutting systems have proved their worth cutting both hides and also technical materials used in the aeronautic supply industry.

Please find enclosed a customer examle:

Customer-specific all-in-one solution from scanning to cutting

Expert Systemtechnik offers you a complete processing system for hides and technical materials: from identification of the hides via efficient nesting to fast and precise cutting using waterjet technology or CNC cutters.

Each system configuration is adapted individually to suit your special requirements. In this way, our system components can be integrated seamlessly into your production process and guarantee a smooth workflow.

With an Expert system you profit from our many years of experience in leather processing in the aeronautic industry. The quality of our products is the ideal complement to the high quality of the hides to be processed.

Optimum leather utilization leads to reductions in costs

The perfected and continuously developed Expert technologies guarantee optimum leather utilization, minimize material usage and optimize processing sequences and therefore your production costs. The PPS software from Expert enables a maximum of transparency in terms of production and stock data and contributes to reducing costs.

Modular structure of the EXPERT systems

Thanks to the unique modular structure of the EXPERT systems, individual work steps run completely independently of one another. The de-coupled processing stages make for a highly efficient workflow and process reliability. Delays at one work step do not lead to time losses at downstream processing stations.

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