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The Company

Expert Systemtechnik is an innovative, family-run mechanical engineering company targeted at the international market.

We develop and produce precise, automated CAD/CAM-controlled cutting systems for 2D cutting of leather, textiles, plastics, composites and many other materials. The machines operate with innovative waterjet technology or are driven by a CNC cutter.
  • Unique: We offer equipment for the two preliminary operations, scanning and pattern optimization, as separate modules.
  • We develop tailor-made solutions based on the individual requirements of our customers.

Highest quality ensures perfect end products

Our waterjet cutters work with pure water, i.e. without abrasives such as quartz sand. Consequently, processing is very clean. Despite the use of water, residual moisture is minimal in the processed materials. Furthermore, waterjet technology is easy on the material. Read more here about the additional benefits of waterjet cutting techniques.
The Expert CNC cutter is characterized by its high quality and long service life. It cuts extremely precisely at high speed and has a high degree of functionality.

Optimum cost effectiveness thanks to process reliability

The modular "offline" concept from Expert Systemtechnik offers a flexible one-stop solution, from materials testing via efficient nesting up to precise cutting. All processing steps can be performed independently of one another and ensure your company time savings and a highly efficient process sequence.
Delays during one individual operation do not result in other processing stations coming to a standstill. Increased production speed is the result.

Tailor-made solutions

Each cutting system can be expanded, so that the customer can start off with a basic solution and has the option of adding equipment at any time in order to meet rising production demands.
All EXPERT products have been developed in-house, regardless of whether they are cutting machines or the CAD/CAM control software.

New developments

Expert Systemtechnik combines mechanics, electronics and mechanical engineering with the latest technologies in programming and software development. We are constantly working on innovative products and new developments. In July 2010, Expert Systemtechnik brought a brand-new, high-quality CNC cutter, the cutEXPERT ecocam with optional oscillating draw or circular knife, onto the market.
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