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Modular "offline" concept

Increase your cost effectiveness by separating working processes.

Expert Systemtechnik has conceived all working steps required for cutting in its system solutions in such a way that they can be performed independently of every other processing step: scanning of leather hides, compilation of orders for nesting, nesting itself and finally cutting all take place at separate work stations.

This system configuration offers a number of advantages:
  • Each working step can be performed separately and at a different time from the other working steps.
  • Processes which require more time in order to achieve an optimum result, such as nesting, can be performed taking as much time as needed, without any negative effects on subsequent processing.
  • Technical or manual delays at one work station do not lead to a delay or even standstill at other stations.

The positive results for your company convince:
  • You increase the process reliability of your workflow.
  • Production speed increases.
  • The system contributes to a reduction in material costs.
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