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Waterjet cutting systems for precise cutting

Expert waterjet cutting systems work quickly and very precisely. Expert Systemtechnik configures additional fittings individually according to customer requirements.

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The Expert waterjet cutting systems are characterized by the fact that they operate with extreme precision and cutting speed without changing the properties of the material to be cut.

Numerous advantages compared to mechanical cutting, such as minimal water consumption, low tool wear and the extremely hardwearing cutting base translate into minimal operating costs which make this technology cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Varied applications

Leather, plastic, cardboard, rubber and a host of technical materials can be cut using waterjet technology, whereby it is irrelevant whether dealing with sheets and/or hides or rolls, such as technical textiles.
Repeatability lies at a constant +/- 0.2 mm.

Powerful equipment

Competence over many years in the field of cutting with pure waterjet technology is reflected in ergonomic machines featuring compact, high-quality design and extreme ease of operation.

Expert waterjet cutting systems consist of a high-quality aluminium frame, a quality pump whose output depends on the material and diameter of the cutting nozzle, and a powerful cutting head with a selection of various cutting nozzles.

Expert Systemtechnik offers cutting machines in various configurations: the machines can be equipped with one or more cutting bridges and with one or more waterjet nozzles. The size of the cutting table can be adjusted, depending on the size of the materials to be processed.

An optional integrated pick-up aid allows for the efficient clearing away of patterns within a short space of time, especially when cutting leather.

Expandable configuration

Expert cutting systems can easily be expanded by adding a second cutting table, a further cutting bridge or several cutting nozzles. In this way, we can meet your increased production requirements without the need for new installations.

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