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Reduce material waste significantly using the Expert scanning method

The Expert scanning method enables fast and reliable recognition and documentation of quality zones and imperfections.

As a result, you can reliably identify and classify your hides before cutting. The method can also be used for the reverse process, whereby the shaped pieces are compared after cutting with the recorded pattern data.

Scanning method for reliable leather identification

The quality check and classification of hides is a vital preliminary step in efficient leather processing. Quality assurance for a perfect end product and the minimizing of material losses begins with the scanning and hence exact recording of all defects in the leather.

For the optimum identification of your hides, Expert Systemtechnik offers you two different methods, depending on the number of hides to be processed: a static and an automated, CAD-controlled method.

More transparency during leather processing thanks to efficient data management

The EXPERT scan software gives you complete transparency at the incoming goods stage and during further processing of the hides in your company. The incoming goods check reveals potential material savings and provides important key figures for purchasing. In addition, the scanning software enables transparent and efficient management of your leather stock at all times.

Combination with other cutting systems possible

It makes sense to use our scanning method as part of our EXPERT scanning-nesting-cutting processing chain.

What's more, the Expert preliminary scanning equipment can also easily be connected to various cutting machines from other manufacturers (e.g. Gerber, Lectra or Zünd). In this way, you can increase the efficiency of your cutting process, without having to replace the entire cutting system.

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