Custom-fit solutions on the basis of modular technologies and agile working methods.

Applications for all areas – cutting of flexible materials.

Every company and every production system is unique. We are aware of this – and are driven to develop a simple and practical solution for every technical challenge. For more than 25 years we have been producing innovative, automated CAD/CAM-controlled cutting systems using waterjet and CNC technologies. This is always combined with the latest digital technology developed in-house.

expert systemtechnik develops individual sector-specific solutions for application in the processing of leather, fabrics and technical materials. We have meanwhile configured and produced over 400 cutting systems for companies from various sectors. For cutting of leather, fabrics, technical textiles, composites, plastics, foam material and other technical materials, we provide the solution you require.

We offer you all-in-one, sector-specific solutions, from materials testing via nesting (pattern nesting) to precise cutting.

Different uses require different applications

expert systemtechnik has been developing suitable industry solutions for over a quarter of a century for

  • Processors of leather in all sizes
  • Manufacturer of upholstered furniture with different textiles or manufacturing companies that use a wide range of technical materials.

Each industry has different processes. In addition, there are different steps in the processing of the corresponding material and therefore require individually suitable applications.


Composites Verbundwerkstoffe





Technische Textilien Glasfaser


Papier Pappe Verpackung

Upholstered furniture industry, automotive industry, aerospace industry –
we have the right cutter for every application

Manufacturing companies from the automotive and upholstered furniture industry as well as processors of technical materials all over the world place their trust in our cutting solutions. They appreciate the top precision and cutting speed as well as the very varied fields of application. Whether leather, fabric or technical materials such as foam, plastic, technical textiles, rubber and composites - as a multi-technology provider we find the optimal cutting solution for all flexible, non-metallic materials.

Individual solution for a productive workflow

The expert cutting systems have proved their worth when cutting leather hides as well as a wide range of technical materials,
which are used in the processing industry.

Customer-specific complete solution from scanning to cutting.

expert systemtechnik provides you with a complete processing system for hides: from identification of hides via efficient nesting (pattern nesting) through to fast and precise cutting using Waterjet cutters or CNC cutters.

Optimum material utilisation leads to reductions in costs

The perfected and continuously developed expert technologies guarantee optimum leather utilisation, minimise material usage and optimise the processing sequences and therefore your production costs. The PPS-Software from expert enables maximum transparency in terms of production and stock data, and contributes to reducing costs.

Modular structure of the expert systems makes you independent

Thanks to the unique modular structure of the expert systems, individual work steps run completely independently of one another. The de-coupled processing stages enable a highly efficient workflow and provide process reliability. Delays at one work step do not lead to time losses at downstream processing stations.

Individually suitable applications

Each industry has different processes and in addition, there are different steps in the processing of the corresponding material and therefore require individually suitable applications.

We have the right application for the entire cutting process. Suitable for your industry. We offer everything from one source for the complete cutting workflow. From material testing and nesting to precise cutting, you only have one contact person.

In the meantime, we have designed, built, installed on site and, if required, also maintain more than 400 cutting systems for companies in a wide range of industries.

we think in cutting solutions.

Which cutting system is suitable for your material?

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