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we think in cutting solutions.

expert CNC cutter

Between 400 and 600 running metres, depending on the cutting pattern and material.

expert waterjet cutter

It can be assumed that a glass of Kölsch (0.2l) with water is consumed per minute when the machine cuts.

No, the colour of the steel honeycombs results from a heat treatment in the production process.

Steel honeycombs are wear parts with an average service life of 18 months. Since the table consists of several segments and these are worn differently, they can be exchanged with each other. Heavy used areas against low used areas. Only after this step should the cutting surface be replaced.

The steel honeycombs reduce the residual moisture on the underside. If the water jet hits the steel honeycomb hole, the water jet is deflected in the steel tub without reflection on the underside of the material. If the water jet hits the steel honeycomb web, the reflection of the water jet is reduced.

The sheathing of the high-pressure hose inflates and drips. The production is not under water. There is no more than 2.5 litres of water in the overall system between the pump and the machine.

The service life of a nozzle naturally depends on various parameters, such as pressure and opening intervals. For sapphire nozzles, an average service life of approx. 14 days can be assumed in single-shift operation.

You can't give a blanket answer to that. This is because the material height used depends on the material or the respective material composition (the so-called "density"). In general, the softer the material, the higher the material height may be when cutting. The reason is the natural tendency of water to "spread", i.e. drift apart, from a material height of about 20-30 mm. Or positive: Water has the most precise cutting sharpness at a material height of up to 20-30 mm. We are happy  to carry out a free cutting test. Just ask us.



In principle, the cutting time depends on the stencil geometry and the quality of the leather hides. From comparative tests in the automotive sector with a double gantry water jet cutter, we know that in comparison to a knife cutter, approx. 25 - 30% can be calculated.

In our opinion, the effort for filtration and processing would be too great. The waste water contains "only" the particles cut out of the material. And, on average, only 0.2l water is used per cutting minute.

We use the available tap water. However, we are happy to carry out a free analysis of your tap water. Talk to us!

expert training

All expert software tools are trained during installation. On request, training can also be carried out in advance in Bielefeld.

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