Open interfaces – the key to success

The biggest problem area – also for cutting operations – is the integration of existing systems in the process workflow. We believe that in future the choice of cutting system will be irrelevant. The upstream and downstream processes are important. This is why open interfaces are the key to success in digitisation.

The integration of existing modules into intelligent, digitally networked systems and production processes can be really easy! Different processes and systems are required for linked-up accessibility. Open interfaces provide this connectivity. Continuously open production processes enable optimal customer benefit across the entire spectrum.

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Open interfaces as a competitive advantage

expert open interfaces

We offer, as standard, open interfaces for use in all processes. During a consultation we either find the appropriate solution from existing options or we programme a suitable interface for integration into your systems.

expert offers open interfaces for all systems – as long as the provider enables solutions for digital networking. Platform-independent interfaces such as OPC UA allow interconnectivity between various manufacturers and service providers - at all levels.

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Open interfaces – expert modules are compatible with your existing cutting solutions.

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