CNC cutter in an optimal price-performance ratio - the cut expert ecocam 2

The CNC cutter, cut expert ecocam 2, in an optimal  price-performance ratio, and on request also with attractive leasing conditions.

Due to its design in simple standard sizes, the cut expert ecocam 2 can be delivered at short notice. The CNC-cutter can be expanded in just a few steps. The CNC cutter is thus tailored to process optimisation in the processing industry. Cut faster and increase your productivity.

Technical textiles, leather, composites, foams, films, fibreboard, cardboard, corrugated board and many other flat, flexible, non-metallic materials can also be cut accurately even in multiple layers.
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The right tool for efficient use of your cut expert ecocam 2 in cutting, such as

  • the oscillating tool (ideal for cutting softer, medium-density materials such as corrugated cardboard, leather and composites)
  • the rotating blade (suitable for hard glass fibre up to extremely tough aramid fibres)
  • or the universal blade

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Cutting flexible material with the CNC cutter von expert






Composite materials



Sandwich materials

Sandwich materials

Cardboard Paper Packaging

Cardboard & Packaging materials

cut expert ecocam 2

As a genuine all-round talent, the cut expert ecocam 2 is equipped with the appropriate tool for every material and every step of production and therefore enables a high level of flexibility. Whether single or multi-layer – thanks to the variable calibration of cutting parameters materials with various thicknesses can be cut fast and precisely.

Due to its solid construction, the high-quality multi-functional cutting head with 1 tool holders for up to 3 interchangeable tools is not only highly durable - it also scores with its easily exchangeable cutting tools (plug & play concept) and its short set-up times.

Vacuum holds the material in place and the vacuum zones are activated by clicking.

Workspace Standard sizes: 1500 x 1000 mm, 1500 x 1600 mm | 2500 x 1600 mm, 2500 x 2100 mm, 2500 x 2700 mm, 2500 x 3200 mm | 3500 x 1600 mm, 3500 x 2100 mm, 3500 x 2700 mm, 3500 x 3200 mm | 4500 x 1600 mm | 5500 x 1600 mm, 5500 x 2100 mm, 5500 x 3200 mm | 7500 x 1600 mm

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cut expert ecocam
cut expert ecocam 2 – at an attractive price level - the faster CNC cutter
Werkzeuge cut expert ecocam
cut expert ecocam 2 tools
Brücke Detail cut expert ecocam
cut expert ecocam 2 detail
Werkzeugwechsel cut expert ecocam
cut expert ecocam 2 tool
cut expert ecocam 2 with high contrast belt
A bright belt provides high contrast for easy cutting of leather hides and leather parts
cut expert ecocam 2 Fabric Textile
Easy cutting of roll material
cut expert ecocam 2 PRT Fabric cutting textile cutting
PRT with various diameters for the cutting of flat, flexible, non-metallic materials
cut expert ecocam 2 POT for foam
EOT for the cutting of soft and medium density materials (non-metallic)
cut expert ecocam 2 EOT foams
EOT for cutting sheet goods such as PU or sealing material
cut expert ecocam 2 CREASE-CUT-UCT
Creasing tool for cardboard and cardboard and UCT universal knife for cutting

Technical strengths

  • High cutting accuracy
  • High positioning speed of up to 90 m/min
  • Easily exchangeable cutting tools
  • Cuts single or multi-layer materials
  • Suitable for rolled goods and for flat sheets of material
  • User-friendly clearing of cut parts from conveyor table

Product features

  • Tools tangentially guided:
    oscillation blade, driven rotating blade with various diameters, straight knife, milling unit
  • Equipped with static table or conveyor table
  • NC-controlled conveyor belt
  • Multi-functional tool head for holding up to 3 interchangeable tools
  • High-performance vacuum unit for fixing the material

Product details

  • Highly dynamic servo drives for a positioning
    speed of up to 90 m/min
  • Repeatability +/- 0.25 mm
  • 1 cutting bridge with 1 tool head
  • Vacuum unit
  • Cutting table with conveyor belt or static table; accessible on 3 sides

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