Special machine construction - individual development of the precisely fitting machine

Special machine construction is not a standard.

How true. Find a tailor-made solution for your cutting processes.

We build your machine modularly or design partial or complete processes in special machine construction. With more than 25 years of experience.

  • One or two table solution
  • Two axes (X-Y axis at 90° angle) or three axes (several layers? Z-axis for additional height adjustment)
  • One or two cutting heads (up to 50% capacity difference)
  • One or two cutting bridges (up to 40% reduction in cutting time)
  • Steel honeycomb, felt underlay or wire belt
  • With or without print head
  • With or without milling unit
  • With or without gluing station
  • With or without labeller
  • With or without unwinder

we think in cutting solutions.

expert Abwickler

Example for a customer specified solution for cutting glass fibre mats

Example of a customer-specific machine for cutting & printing in one machine

Example for a customer specified solution for cutting polystyrene

Table solution

zwei Schneidetische variojet
two cutting tables

1 or 2 table solutions

  • 1 table solution
  • 2 table solution
  • Table top is a special steel honeycomb (durable, enables “dry” cutting).
  • Capacity expansion
  • Changing table principle


Wasserstrahl X-Achse Y-Achse Z-Achse
Cutting head adjustable on the Z-axis

Z-axis in addition to X- and Y-axes

  • Different materials require different heights
  • Heights of up to 200mm
  • Electronically adjustable
  • Height control through material database
  • Short set-up times
  • Fewer user mistakes

2nd cutting head

unterschiedliche Schneidköpfe
Two or more cutting heads

2nd additional cutting head

  • Capacity increase due to use of 2nd cutting head on a bridge
  • And increase up to 50%
Team Sondermaschinenbau
Special mechanical engineering
Sondermaschinenbau Cutter Zuschnitt
flexible cutting solutions from expert
unterschiedliche Tischgrößen Cutter
different table sizes possible

What happens after cutting – correct implementation of workflow & controlling.

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