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In order to assist you in considering the technical and economic factors involved in the purchase of a machine, we have compiled what we believe to be important decision-making aids for you.
Please ask for the decision aids. You can also simply call us on +49 521 959 67-0.

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Whitepaper: Waterjet cutting - Is residual moisture relevant in the process?
Whitepaper: Savings potentials for tanneries and leather industry

ROI Calculator leather
ROI Calculator Technical materials

Excel-Calculator: Calculation of Wage cutting

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Cutting test

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You send your material to us - we take the time and carry out a free cutting test. This way you can see whether the cutting result meets your expectations, which cutting system delivers the optimum result - before you take the next step.

Of course, the cutting test is free of charge and without any obligation for you. We cut the materials according to your specifications. Together with the materials, you receive a thorough analysis consisting of the parameters used, the cutting duration, the cutting system used and possible optimisation potential. A matter of honour.

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