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Nesting software

Expert nesting programs save time and money.

The efficient, PC-controlled nesting programs from Expert position the patterns on the materials to be processed in such a way as to ensure the best possible material utilization. They are an essential optimization factor in the cutting process as they contribute to a large extent to material savings and cost reduction.

Manual intervention is possible at all times

The Expert nesting software offers the possibility of nesting fully automatically or manually, or of combining the two options via interactive nesting.

Experienced and qualified employees can further optimize material utilization at this point. The operator can control automatic marker making at any time.

Expert nesting programs make you more flexible

The modular process structure of the Expert cutting system makes nesting independent of the other processing steps and gives you flexibility in terms of time. You already know the overall utilization of the materials before cutting and can intervene manually if necessary.

Particularities of nesting with hides

Expert nesting software pays off especially when processing hides: the simultaneous nesting of all hides required for an order offers significant additional scope for the best possible output.

Due to the simultaneous nesting of all hides required for an order and the definition of the order of hides used, you can save up to 3% more material using Expert software compared with similar nesting products.

Combination with other cutting systems possible

Ideally, you use our nesting modules in a closed EXPERT system, bringing together scanning, nesting and cutting.

The Expert preliminary nesting equipment can also easily be connected to various cutting machines from other manufacturers (e.g. Gerber, Lectra or Zünd). In this way, you can increase the efficiency of your cutting process, without having to replace the entire cutting system.

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